Wallpaper – Choosing The Best Wallpaper For Your Home

Having wallpaper for your interior walls is an alternative to using plain paint. Aside from the cost the main difference between the two is that wallpaper allows you to pick a more creative and attractive design than paint. With paint, the most that you can do is simply to find out which color would make your home interior look beautiful. However, with wallpaper, you can choose not just color but also the small print details that add texture to your otherwise bland wall. Choosing well the type of wallpaper is something that a homeowner should know. It may be the task of an interior decorator but is the homeowner who should be decisive in this regard.

The kind of wallpaper may not have to be uniform throughout the house. You may use one particular type for those locations that need to look attractive although are not heavily used. Another type would fit areas that are often used for more physical activities. For example, you can just use ordinary vinyl coated wallpaper for living room and your adult bedrooms. This type of wallpaper is thinner but this should not be a problem because the walls these are placed on are not to so abuse or damage.

However, if you are placing wallpaper in the kids bedrooms or playrooms or if you are having these on your kitchen, it would be much wiser to have one that is either heavy-duty vinyl coated or solid vinyl. Another option for these locations is fabric-backed vinyl. Such types of wallpaper are strong enough to withstand the abuse by the kids. You should know already how kids in their playful age can be very naughty with their crayons and toys. If you want to prevent your walls from looking really being torn or tainted, you may have to choose wallpapers that could stand their mischief.

The same strong wallpaper would be necessary for the bathroom, the kitchen, and the hallways. Getting wet is something that your bathroom could not totally avoid. Therefore, your only option is to make sure that you apply waterproof wallpaper on it such as a solid vinyl. Fabric-backed vinyl is a good choice for hallway wallpaper. The hallway walls, after all, easily get contact with moving objects, some of them sharp enough to easily scratch the wallpaper. This is due to the fact that hallways, like busy streets, often have heavy traffic. Unlike streets though, you cannot reroute traffic inside the home but you can surely maintain your wallpaper if it is durable enough.

In choosing the wallpaper color and design, you should rely on your taste more. However, it is a general rule that homes have to be bright and vibrant. Therefore, it would be to your advantage if you pick a color that would add light inside the home instead of one that would just make it darker. The brighter the color you choose, the livelier your home interior would become.